Custom Software Development

you bring the idea - we build it

You've got a great idea

Maybe your process is highly specialized and needs to be more efficient. Or maybe you’ve discovered an untapped market and have just the answer they are looking for. Whatever your reason, sometimes the software you really need is as unique as your business.

When off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet your needs it’s important to find the right partner. Building custom software is harder than it seems. Just because you find someone more technical than you, doesn’t mean they have the skills to manage your project through to a delivered solution.

We've got some mad skills

Fortunately, we’re really good at building software solutions that do exactly what they are supposed to and don’t get in the way. We have decades of experience building business applications using a mixture of Microsoft and Open Source technologies.

We’ve made our share of mistakes. From them we’ve learned the key ingredients in a successful software project: work iteratively, deliver incrementally and build transparently.

Bring us your problems. We’ll work with you to identify a solution. From there we’ll quickly build it in a series of short, time boxed work efforts. We do our development and communication out in the open, completely transparent, adjusting and refining as we go to get you exactly what you need.

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