Software Modernization

take something old and make it new again

But it still works… mostly

Over the years, smart organizations have produced massive value with software solutions based on technologies like Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and FoxPro. But as time and technology has progressed these systems are becoming more and more difficult to maintain and impossible to extend.

Often these systems hold the keys to your operational intelligence – lessons learned the hard way. Unfortunately, all of that knowledge is buried in a system that can no longer take you where you want to go.

Stabilize. Migrate. Grow.

We can take your existing application and bring it forward using modern technologies while still preserving the wisdom it contains.

We’ll start by analyzing its current behavior and creating a series of automated tests that define what it does. We’ll use those tests to craft a new solution that captures the essence of your current system. Once we have your application running on a modern foundation we’ll work with you to catch up on all of those changes you’ve wanted to make but never could.

If you're done with the band-aids and ready to grow - give us a call. You'll never look back.

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