Why Gazebo?

what didn't kill us made us stronger

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Our Strength

Your Benefit

Agile development methodology with heavy emphasis on transparency, collaboration and continuous delivery.

Customers experience the software as its built enabling rapid feedback and adjustment.

Collaborative process designed to harness the power of discovery and change to reduce risk and improve the usefulness of the solution.

Stakeholders participate in the evolution of the software, increasing ownership and buy-in. Little to no time is spent planning unnecessary features.

All projects use an online task management system, multi-stage development and approval process and automated testing at key delivery points.

Everyone sees what’s done and what’s coming next. Confidence increases as the project continues and new features are delivered safely and consistently.

Small, highly collaborative teams of top tier developers are able to focus entirely on the solution at hand – within a process designed for efficiency.

On average, projects last 3-5 months and generally produce similar output to what an 8 to 12 person enterprise team would in a year.

Intelligent usage of open source and third-party libraries to enable faster and more stable development.

Customers reduce project costs by limiting development to custom routines and leveraging prebuilt, standardized solutions to common problems.

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